Matthew 5-7


We’re excited to have you take part in a very special Home Church Service today! Our prayers for today have been that- as you participate from the comfort of your home- it will create a time and space for you to participate reflectively and listen prayerfully.

Today, we let the Greatest Sermon Ever “speak for itself.” We are told that these are astonishing words (Matthew 7:28) that carry a divine authority (Matthew 7:29).

Please have a paper and a pen on hand. And pray and prepare to receive Christ’s words for you as you listen.     

For prayer and discussion afterwards:
What do you find astonishing from/about the Sermon on the Mount?
What is Jesus calling you to- under his authority? 

Pause and pray, reflect and discuss the answers you discerned for each of these questions:
1 What are You saying to me about Yourself?  (Seeking God)    
2 How do You want to shape me? (Seeking Growth)   |
3- What do you want me to share with others?  (Seeking Good)