Isaiah 42:1-4
Beginning our Walk to the Cross with God's Suffering Servant

A note from Pastor Jason on this month's Spiritual Discipline - Fasting:
Hi Fort Family! As we are in our month of fasting, you will see a link to our FLEFC Invitation to Fasting below. Fasting may seem difficult to understand or even intimidating. Or you may feel like you don't know where to begin. Our Invitation to Fasting gives some inspiration, ideas and quotes that will help you to really intentionally try fasting. I'm excited about it. Don't scroll past it- check it out!

Series: Chosen Sacrifice
This week: Beginning our Walk to the Cross with God’s Suffering Servant
Passage: Isaiah 42:1-4

1) Click here for today's discussion page
Discussion questions about today's message and passage(s).

2) Click here for our Invitation to Fasting document
An FLEFC resource to introduce you to fasting, and to deepen your understanding of it.
This will help you think through what personal fasting could look like for you this month.

3) Two helpful fasting resources (including different fasting ideas):
Fasting Guide by Tricia Rhodes
Hows and Whys of Fasting by Mary Kassian