Luke 11:5-8
Prayer: Pray Like That?!

The second focus of our spiritual disciplines movement begins this week!

There are countless sermons, countless books & articles, and countless studies dedicated to the topic of prayer. But what are the first, more essential things that we need to understand about prayer?

Today we look at the most-overlooked biblically-essential idea of prayer. It's overlooked because many don't know what to do with the fact that Jesus told us to pray this way...

Today is Communion Sunday so have your elements ready for that.
(Apologies for a syncing issue with our announcements today)

(Start with sharing things that stood out to you from the passage or message, before looking at the questions below.)

Read these verses: 
Luke 11:1-10, Luke 18:1-8

1) "Lord teach us to pray"
- Describe the significance of the fact that that Jesus is responding to this request of the disciples.
- Why do you think that the parable in Luke 11:5-8 isn't given more attention, considering its a specific part of Jesus' response to this request?

2) "...yet because of his [anaideia] he will rise and give him whatever he needs..." 
The Greek word anaideia is translated with the following ideas: shamelessness, audacity, offensive boldness, unreasonably solicitousness, being overly persistent. It commomly carries connotations of rudeness.

- Explain why this makes word can make Christians squirm as a part of a teaching on prayer, and share your own thoughts and response to it.

3) Look at (at least) a couple of these stories in Luke. Discuss how these people's actions could legitimately be described by others as rude, offensive, shameless etc.. Then discuss why you think Jesus affirms these peoples' actions.

Luke 5:12-15  |  The Leper in a City
Luke 5:17-26  |  The Paralytic’s Friends
Luke 8:43-48  |  The Bleeding Woman
Luke 18:35-43 |  The Blind Beggar
Luke 18:1-8    |  Another Parable: The Widow and the Judge

4) Seeking Growth: Prayer Ideas

I- Re-pray- not recite- The Lord’s Prayer 
Pray it with the heart of the man in the parable
II- A.C.T.S. Prayer
Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication
III- Prayer Lists/ notepad -
Focuses us, reminds us, tracks answers to prayer
IV- Alerts and Reminders:
Phone Alerts, Bathroom Mirror, Steering Wheel
V- "A healthy dose of legalism"
Make a rule that helps you prioritize prayer?
VI- Setting and Posture
Walking/kneeling/standing, prayer chair or corner, change your posture 
VII- Prayer Partner
Spouse, kids, roommates, one anothering
VIII- Pray Scripture
Don't read it without praying about it
IX- Borrow others’ prayers
Their lyrics, your heart: Ask people to pray with you, other's written prayers, worship music

*Discuss specific ideas for prayer that each person will try this month.
  (From the list, or your own ideas)
*Discuss what it would take to pray Jesus teaches to in Luke 11:5-8:
  What hinders us from praying that way?
  What would help us to pray like that?

5) Talk about George Muller's example of prayer and his heart for it.
What would it take for FLEFC to become a church that inspires others that still God powerfully responds to prayer today? What is your part in that?