Psalm 10
You See.  You Hear.  You Will ...

Series: Seekers and Strugglers [The Psalms]
This week: You See. You Hear. You Will.
Passage: Psalm 11
Speaker: Pastor Jason

Psalm 10 is a grappling with the fact that the wicked and prideful sometimes seem to go unchecked.
The psalmist wrestles with the idea of God seeming to be distant and hidden. But even amidst his lament that God doesn't seem to be responsive, the psalm-writer takes confidence in other ways he knows the God is moving, and ways he knows God will move.


Read these verses:
From the Message: Psalm 11, 2 Corinthians 4:17-18, Revelation 21:3-4
See also: Romans 8:18-25

1) Would you consider opening up to share if you've had a season (past or present) when you wrestled with God seeming far away or distant? (See Psalm 1:1)

2) In the tenth psalm, the writer's reason for questioning God's lack of action/response is the actions and attitude of wicked men. This includes a sense that God doesn't seem to be holding these men to account.

Why do you think that this theme- of wrongdoers experiencing success, and seemingly not experiencing accountability, something that God made a theme in the Psalms?

3) Even though the Psalmist feels that God is currently distant and inactive, he declares of God: You do see (vs 14) ... you hear (vs 17) ... you will will (vs 17)

i- Has it ever frustrated or disheartened you to know that even though God sees and hears, that you have to wait for him to act?
ii- How can knowing that God will act, even if he isn't acting now, bring assurance, peace or faith?

4) Passages like 2 Corinthians 4:17-18, Romans 8:18-25, and Revelation 21:3-4 all look appeal to the future reality of what God will do, to comfort Christians struggling now.

- Are there other passages, or perhaps worship songs, that strengthen you with the reality of what God will do in heaven?
- Why is it good that there is a gap between what we want to experience of God now, and what we will experience with him in the future?
- Put into your own words what comfort, joy or assurance comes from knowing God's promises of what he will do in our heavenly future.

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