Ideas and Resources for the Spiritual Disciplines

Jan 7- 01.11.21 Two Year Reading Plan
Click for more information and downloadable/printable reading plan.
Paper copies of reading plan are available at the church! 

Mar 1 - Article: Lament, Fasting, Rejoicing with Hope" (Scotty Smith: The Gospel Coalition)

Mar 1 - Video: "Stephen Um on the Benefits of Fasting" Rightnow Media

Feb 24 - Article: Prayer Has Its Reasons (Robert Velarde: Focus on the Family)

Feb 22 - Article: God Answers Better Than We Ask (David Mathis: Desiring God)

Feb 17 - Article: But Have You Prayed? (Marshall Segal: Desiring God)

Feb 17 - Article: Your Prayer Meeting is More Important Than You Think. (Clint Humfrey: The Gospel Coalition)

Feb 16 - Video: Matt Chandler on Prayer

Feb 11 - Article: What Is a Confession Prayer and How Do You Pray It? 

Feb 10 - Article: 3 Methods to Keep you Praying (The Gospel Coalition)

Feb 10 - Article: Desiring God: The Anatomy of Legalism and the Discipline of Prayer

Feb 3 - Article: When You Don’t Desire God’s Word
Feb 3 - Article: Why Bible Reading Can Be a Challenge 
Feb 3 - A Bible Resource Page (The Gospel Coalition)

Jan 25- Video: David Platt on How to Read the Bible Practically
Jan 25- Video: Francis Chan- Read Scripture

Jan 21- Article: 5 Words to Guide New Year Meditation
Jan 21- Article: 7 Benefits of Scripture Memorization

Jan 14- Article: 8 Questions to Help Your Understand and Apply the Bible

Jan 11- 1-Minute Video: Choosing a Bible Translation
Jan 11- Article: Bible Translation Guide for 2020

Jan 10- Resource Sheet: Ideas for Bible Reading
We are encouraging you to commit to trying some ideas for growing in your engagement with God's word. Two specific ideas that we are highlighting is the 01.11.21 Reading Plan and memorizing of Psalm 1. Ideas for Bible Reading gives a number of other ideas that may enrich your time reading and ruminating on the Bible.