In the attempt to streamline our weekly E-Bulletin, we have created a Fort Family Community Bulletin Board Page on our website, where we will be posting items that are more of a personal nature among our Fort Family. For example, you may see messages regarding personal needs, rental inquires, item looking to give away etc.  

We will have a constant link from our E-bulletin to this page every week, so be sure to click on it and see if anything of interest has been added. Please note that any additions to this Community Bulletin will have to be sent to the office at with all pertinent information such as contact info so respondents can contact the person directly.  Please try to let us know if your need has been met, so we can update and delete old posts. Please note that the longest a post will be on this page is 4 weeks, after that it will be deleted also this page is not private and that anyone looking at our website can view and access this information.


Fort Langley family seeking mature sitter for toddler (almost 2 years old). Hoping to find someone residing in the fort who is responsible and trustworthy. 
Light food prep may be required. Must be comfortable with dogs.  Please contact to discuss further. (Posted July 16)


Family of five with beloved thirteen year old border collie seeking a short term furnished rental or a house sitting situation for a family from September 1-app. October 15 as we are currently in between houses. We are housesitting at present until August 31 and have excellent landlord references as well as housesitting references pending. Please let us know if you know of any situation such as this for this approximate time period as the house we are hoping to rent long term will not be available until at least October 15. So much appreciated! 

Pam Franklin

Please contact Pam Franklin at or 

Re-Posted July 19, 2021