In the attempt to streamline our weekly E-Bulletin, we have created a Fort Family Community Bulletin Board Page on our website, where we will be posting items that are more of a personal nature among our Fort Family. For example, you may see messages regarding personal needs, rental inquires, item looking to give away etc.  

We will have a constant link from our E-bulletin to this page every week, so be sure to click on it and see if anything of interest has been added. Please note that any additions to this Community Bulletin will have to be sent to the office at with all pertinent information such as contact info so respondents can contact the person directly.  Please try to let us know if your need has been met, so we can update and delete old posts. Please note that the longest a post will be on this page is 4 weeks, after that it will be deleted also this page is not private and that anyone looking at our website can view and access this information.




Craig Car Speakers 50w 3Way

Mirrors 2 - 12" x 60"        2 - 6" x 60"

Dryer Cable 6'  220 volt plug


Lee Dornian has a few items he is trying to sell ... 

* Lawn Boy Lawn Mower (w/bag)     $135

* Vintage Craftsman Mitre Box & Saw #3634 1970's  $50

* Wood Lathe (w/stand & chisels)    $150

* Light Truck Cable Chains  (1 pair fits F235/75R15)     $50

(1 pair firs F245/70R16)     $50

For more information call Lee at 604-888-2340 or email at

(Posted November 9th, 2022)