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Trying to figure out which Bible translation to use?
Wanting to use a second translation to complement the translation you are using?
The 1-minute video and short article (downloadable PDF) below will help give you some good direction.

Some general guidelines that you will hear recommended by many solid resources:
- As a general rule, read from at least a couple different versions when you can
- There are three parts of the translation spectrum:
           *word-for-word (more literal)    NASB, ESV
           *thought-for-thought (more readable)  NIV, NLT
           *paraphrase (should only be used alongside translations)   The Message
- At FLEFC, we mainly use ESV in our messages, but draw from the NIV and NLT. This is because we value a more literal approach that still maintains accessibility/readability.  

Hope this helps. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions!