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This morning we were able to load up 2 vehicles full of food and general items for the Langley Food Bank. The outpouring from our Church Family & the Community was amazing! It was nice to see people come through our doors again to drop off food and to say a quick hello; even more so people from the community, who had heard of our endeavours and were dropping off and visiting us for the first time. Every item that the food bank requested was met & we were also able to provide $600 dollars in gift cards to help purchase Christmas gifts for children & teens.
Thank you too to everyone who generously donated gift cards to the needy families at the Fort Langley Elementary School next door. We were able to collect $640 worth in gift cards. These funds will be gifted to needy families for Christmas and will continue to be distributed throughout the year as needs arise for those families & others. Finally, to top off a great week, we are able to cover 9 hours collectively to man a few Christmas Kettles in Walnut Grove this weekend!
Great job everyone! Thanks again for your generosity, prayers & encouragement.