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This special time of year at FLEFC brings special opportunies to share and celebrate together. Here's what you can look forward to for worship gatherings over the coming weeks!

December 12 &19
These Sundays will provide the last half of our God on the Ground series at 10am, with our usual format of live gatherings and a livestream for those at home to join live or watch later.

Christmas Eve: Candlelight Services at 4PM and 5PM
We are excited for this longstanding FLEFC Christmas tradition of gathering for Christmas carols, candlight, and a Christmas devotional. Two services are being provided so you can invite family and friends.  We will provide a livestream of the 4PM service as well.

December 26: Home Church 
"The Greatest Sermon Ever" - this will be a special way to receive and reflect on the Way of Jesus as expressed in the Sermon on the Mount. There will be no in-person service this day, and your particapation at home will create a unique opportunity to hear and apply Jesus's message for you and your household.

January 2: Sharing Service
Sharing services are always a highlight for our church family! While we will not be recording our Sharing Service, there will be the opportunity for you to participate with us in-person or online.