Hello Fort Family,

To give a quick idea of what this  will look like: the auditorium will be cleared of row-style seating, and replaced with tables and chairs to accommodate people and families who have signed up in advance. Children will stay in the service, around a table with their families. There will be a brief video/lesson for the kids in the service, with table activities provided for them that connect with the kid’s lesson. The gym will be open if a parent needs a space to take their child out to. But we are also embracing the casual, family friendly environment (and are okay with kid noise!)

If you are planning to sign up for one of those Sundays, and would be willing to serve with us, we are looking for help in the following areas:

1) Greeters
We are looking for someone each Sunday to give others a socially distanced but warm greeting! (Greeters will receive the list of people that have signed up in advance.)

2) Ushers
Ushers will be given a seating chart to know where to direct people at the start of the service. Ushers will also help with a socially distanced dismissal of people at the end of the service.

3) Sanitizing
It’ll take just 2-4 people to make light work of sanitizing chairs, tables, washrooms and door handles after the service. Directions will be provided for you in advance!

While you are registering for a Sunday service and you are interested in volunteering you can also register for the above mentioned duties through the same link.  You will find all Sunday Sermons and Volunteer Duties separated by date as individual events.

Please Note: If you are already registered in "Planning Centre" the link should automatically take you to the registration page, if you don't already have a Planning Centre login, you will be asked to create one.  

If you have any problems registering online, please feel free to contact the church office. 

Looking forward to these gatherings,
The FLEFC Staff