Kids on the Rock Water Project

Kids on the Rock Water Project

Did you know that Wednesday February 14th marks the first day of Lent, our 40 day count down til Easter? How fast time passes! (Weren't we all wishing each other Happy New Year not so long ago?!)

The near six weeks of Lent has long been the time and occasion for believers worldwide to focus in on acts of spiritual preparation in anticipation of Easter. Often this has involved doing such things as acts of mercy, fasting, more prayer and reading, silence or reflection on Jesus all in desire for a deeper walk with Him. Typically, these intentional Lenten activities have called Christian individuals, families, and churches to participation in two important practices: abstinence (giving up) and engagement (giving over).

This Lenten season would you and yours like to join us in participation in both??

THE MISSION: For 2 weeks, would your family support The Water Challenge? For one 14 day period during the 40 days of Lent, encourage your family (unless of course needful otherwise) to drink only water. During that time, simply set aside those coins and bills of yours ordinarily spent on weekly pop, juice, milk, sports drinks, tea and coffee and bring them into FLEFC so together we can join other churches and so give to The Water Project. 

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