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Hello Parents!

This week will see some of you continuing or perhaps beginning home education of your kids -or perhaps enjoying a few more unscheduled days before this begins. Know that my thoughts and prayers for you and for your children continue this COVID-19 season.

Despite the challenges, Holy Week invites us all to pause and reflect on the  final week of Jesus' life and his incredible sacrifice for us.  Easter is around the corner, but first comes Christ's passion.

Be encouraged to choose from among the following resource links below (just copy and paste in your web browser) to help focus you and yours in a meaningful way on the work of Jesus on our behalf.

He is our great Lord and True Hope!

God bless you as you step by step manage your week ahead and with all that is going on, still faithfully  turn your hearts and homes toward Jesus-died and then risen for us!!!


Lindy   print off for your young child (ages 3-6) to make a color up booklet and simple picture paper craft for the events of Holy Week   print, color, read and share with the family and others about Jesus and Holy Week (grade school kids)  ask, think, read mini inquiry devotions about Jesus and Holy Week (grade school kids) a recommended check it out for older kids (ages 9-12) who want to know the key events, scripture, time lines and prophecies related to Holy Week a good and doable list of hands on, family participation ideas for mom and dad to consider on the home scene for Holy Week