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A Moment with Miriam:  

I have long felt the church in North America is missing out on blessing, because we have taken on one of the predominant features of its culture - individualism; one of the casualties of this mindset is God’s emphasis on hospitality.   In a previous life, I was gifted the moniker “Mrs Hospitality,” so my interest in the blessing of this part of God’s instruction to us is not new. But, when I was given permission to write on this subject for the final project of my degree, I was astonished by how much emphasis God places on being both a host and a guest. Hospitality runs like a silver  thread through Scripture, from the garden of Eden when God came down to visit with Adam and Eve, through the Old Testament and into the New where we see Christ as the host of both the Last Supper and the marriage feast of the Lamb. Further, hospitality is listed by Paul as one of the requirements for leadership in the church, along with being above reproach and not a lover of money.   With the weight of what I learned through that project hanging heavy on me, I felt a need to share it with the wider community, and this season’s emphasis on One Another-ing seemed an ideal opportunity. Watch this space in the coming weeks - I will be sharing some of what I learned for us all to consider as together we learn what “Love One Another” might look like in the everyday moments of life.