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It was the late Billy Graham who so aptly said "A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed and yet one of THE MOST VALUABLE assets in our society".

Let us then notice you today, dear dads among us, and sing and praise our thanks to our Lord- for you!  Loving all of you fathers with His own Father's Heart, may you know the smile and pleasure of God upon you this Father's Day.

For your early mornings, long days and late nights,  for your pushing past self to provide and do for others, for the true man in you that works, earns, serves, fixes, builds, invents, lifts, reaches and teaches, for the still kid in you that plays, cheers, hollers, tustles and wrestles, for the brave heart in you that cares, prays, learns of Jesus and seeks to be more like Him- we your church family and your own family bless you!

Have a wonderful Sunday, Dads...and kids, don't forget that you've got what you need right at home, already delivered to you, to make dad something nice! :-)