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FLEFC family,

As a follow up to yesterday’s announcement from the BC Health Officer, we will be canceling this Sunday’s (March 15) worship gathering. The “letter of the law” would tell us that we will be okay with under 250 people, but the FLEFC leadership believe that the spirit of the law is most important: protecting vulnerable people and minimizing chances of COVID-19 transmission.  

We will be providing a video sermonette and possibly some other material for the FLEFC family to reflect on. If you are well, I encourage you to "one another" together with family and FLEFC friends on Sunday. Our focus is on Jesus’s third word from the cross:
“Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise.”

Even take a moment right now to consider the relevance of this word to us at this time. The criminal to whom these words are directed is experiencing something far more overwhelming than the consequences of the spread of COVID-19. Jesus obliterates this man’s hopelessness and fear with the transcendent promise of the gospel. Take heart in this!

Our board will meet on Monday night for our regularly planned meeting. We will then provide more direction for the weeks ahead. Stay tuned for further announcements early next week.

In the meantime:

- Wash hands, and avoid touching your face
- Minimize physical contact with others, avoid handshakes and hugs.
- If you are feeling sick, we ask you to stay home and avoid contact with others.
- For more info:
- Pray for each other and our community.
- Consider how you might help seniors or those otherwise vulnerable in this season.
- Trust the sovereign power and care of our God!

God has positioned us in this time and place to Seek God, Seek Growth, and Seek Good for our neighbours in this season. This is a call worth fighting for in a trying time for our community and world!

Pastor Jason