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It is our ongoing commitment to not only comply with government standards, and to minimize health risks for our church family and community. This is for the purposes of walking with wisdom, loving our neighbours, and maintaining a positive Christian witness to our community.

With recent announcements from BC Health Officer Bonnie Henry about the gradual reopening of churches, and the oppotunity to increase our social bubbles, FLEFC staff and board are collecting information to guide our next steps. This includes info from the government, from our denominational district, and from other churches about reopening considerations, policies, procedures and ideas.

It will take leadership some time to formulate our plan. We ask for your patience and for much prayer in this regard.

It is readily apparent that Sunday gatherings at the church building will be complicated for any church family with over 50 people: Singing droplets, scheduling attendance, the ability to disinfinfect between services, direction of people to maintain distancing, etc. We want to temper the expectation that recent accouncements mean we are "changing back" quickly.

We are exploring what mid-week gatherings and other ministries might look like, but this is all in process with us- as it is with many churches, businesses and organizations

The question that I believe should guide us, before other questions of practicality, is What does it look like to Seek God, Seek Growth, and Seek Good in the upcoming few months? What does this look like Sundays? What does look like "the other six days?" How does the season shape what it looks to seek? What opportunities does this season provide?

We've seen a depth of opportunity and response from many of you who have embraced Sunday home church as a time to seek together with your households through prayer, conversation and honest sharing. Home church is providing fresh opportunities and blessings, for those who are engaging a seekers!

As you look at these questions I've shared above, and as you think of your experiences or hopes in seeking, let me know if there are ways you think would  grow us in our seeking! You can reach me at, 604-888-7131 (church) or 604-825-0025 (cell).

Growing in Seeking with you,