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 As we seek to be a people who demonstrate Christ’s loving heart for our community, we are inviting YOU to host a backyard BBQ for your neighbours in July!  


· Start NOW to intentionally connect with your neighbours in natural ways

· Pray for your neighbours, go on a prayer walk and pray for the families in each house you pass

· Team up with FLEFC neighbours (if you can) to plan your BBQ.

· Nail down a time and place and spread the word to your neighbours!  


Our Partnership with You:

· We will give you funds to purchase supplies for your BBQ! Fill out a BBQ Plan/Request Form and we will be happy to support!

· We can print posters or invites for you!

· We can help you connect with others in the church family who might live near you that you don’t know about!  


BBQ Day!

· The goal: Connect with people and show Christ’s love and kindness to them

· Set out some chairs and blankets, prep some food, play some music, have fun!  


Questions? Contact Pastor Jason at or the church office.