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From February 21-22 our church was host to an engaging and thought-provoking equipping weekend! Two simultaneous seminars were held at FLEFC; one dealt with Financial Fitness and the other was a Poverty Revolution Boot Camp presented by Food for the Hungry Canada. 

In the Financial Fitness seminar, a keen interest was expressed by the participants to take a closer look at the complexity of finances from a biblical perspective. "Getting a Handle on your Finances" was presented by two Christian Professionals who have extensive experience in the financial sector. Lively discussions included setting goals, managing cash flow, budgeting, giving generously, saving and investing for the right reasons, getting out of debt, materialism/consumerism as well as wills and estate planning. It proved to be a very practical session where relevant scriptures brought light into real-life situations. Special thanks to our presenters Eddy and Tyler for providing your excellent insights and offering up your free weekend.

The Poverty Revolution Boot Camp was presented by two well versed moderators who kept the participants involved with thought provoking material on the topic of poverty. Participants, some from other churches, were drawn in to walk through a series of considerations that included, "God complexes, bad aid and worse. What's gone wrong and how can we fix it". It was a weekend of challenging our deeply held assumptions and exploring our world views to better understand the nature of poverty and God's intended solutions. Thank you to Melissa and Laura for your stimulating presentation!

Thank you to those who provided coffee, snacks, lunch and even child care! 

~ submitted by Henk and Johanna Grasmeyer