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Hello FLEFC family,

After meetings with leadership on Monday night and Tuesday morning to discuss what our response will be to the growing Coronavirus situation and concerns, we have made the decision to cancel all gatherings of any size until after Easter, at which point we will have to reassess. We understand that this is an evolving situation that demands evolving responses, but we hope this initial decision helps you all plan and process your next few weeks.

It’s no exaggeration to say that these cancelations are an expression of loving our neighbour. There’s a consensus among health authorities that minimizing risk and the spread of the virus is of utmost importance. These measures will help protect vulnerable people, and serve to prevent an overwhelming burden all at once on our medical system.

It's no stretch to say this a season of great opportunity for the church to flourish and grow as disciples Church is not on pause right now. We are the church. In this unexpected season, may our sense of expectation in God's power and care not be weakened, but strengthened!

Here some answers to questions you might have about the upcoming weeks:

1) What is the church doing for worship services?
We will be continuing with a format similar to this past Sunday, but with some added elements.               
              - a video message.              
              - digital announcements, prayer requests and discussion points.              
              - musical worship will be facilitated either by video recording or video links.                
              - materials will be provided for families with children to learn together

2) Is the church office open? How do I contact the church?
We will not have official office hours for the duration of this season, although there will be some staff presence to check messages, and to answer phones and emails.
Office Phone: 604-888-7131        Office Email: [email protected]       

3) Since we are canceling gatherings, what are our ministry staff going to be doing? 
Ministry staff are taking seriously the question of what their ministry passions look like in the church for this season. How do we connect with and minister to children and youth right now? How do we encourage and facilitate worship? How do we facilitate the church caring for each other and surrounding community?  How do we do one anothering? And how do the staff help us grow in Seeking God, Seeking Growth, and Seeking Good in this season? These are the driving questions that will guide the efforts of the staff at this time. This may also involve take time for future planning and thei own spiritual/professional growth.  

4) What can I do to help? 

Our FLAG Initiative for this season is REACH OUT: Call one person and message one person each day. (Not the same person everyday!)

Pray with people over the phone. Send them a verse. Check in with a senior or someone who cannot get out- see if you can bring a meal over, pick up groceries or a prescription for them. Reach out to the lonely. We will all get lonely.

Photos and videos are cropping up on social media of people showing up to the yards of seniors, family and other friends and talking on the phone to each other on opposite sides of a window!

Pray for those in the medical field. And if you have contact info for people who are on these front lines, send them a note of encouragement and thanks. They need care as they care for others. Another thing you can do to help us as a church, is to check in with other members of the FLEFC family to see if they are receiving information from the church. This could include new attenders. We want our contact info to be as current as possible, and for nobody to slip through the cracks.

5) What can I do if I need help?
We trust that the church is going to be the church to the church at this time. Let those in the FLEFC family who are closest to you know that you’re in need! You can leave a message with the office: 604-888-7131, [email protected] or contact me: 604-825-0025.

We have set up the email account [email protected]. This is both for the church family in need, and for those who want to help in a time of need. This includes physical need, emotional need, and spiritual need. You may need people to bring a meal over, to pick up groceries or a prescription for you. You may just need to talk or for someone to pray for you. Reach out to us!

6) I have time on my hands. Can you direct me to some good sources on information and encouragement from a godly perspective? The church has access to a great online video library through Right Now Media: This includes resources for families, youth, young adults and kids. Contact me or the office if you don’t yet have access and we will send you an invitation for that. The Gospel Coalition is putting out some great articles and devotionals to inform and encourage in this season.