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All 90 spots are taken.

We have reached capacity for our groups. 

REGISTRATION FOR ALL IS CLOSED. Please do not attempt to register any longer.


1)     Email me (Lindy) at [email protected] for your child to be added to a wait list which will be maintained for use for the 2019-20 AWANA club year.  In the possible event that a spot becomes available, those first and then if need be next on the waitlist will be contacted. This wait list also automatically becomes the early reminder for families for registration for the 2020-21 year.

Info that you will need to share for the wait list will be the following:  

·        Your name ·       

         Your email address ·       

         Your child(ren)’s name(s) and age(s) and date(s) of birth(s) ·       

         Any special needs? ·       

         The name of your home church if you have one  OR… ·       

        Tell us if you are not part of a local area church  

2)     Talk to your church leadership about supporting an AWANA ministry at your home church.  Your leadership is welcome to contact me, Lindy at [email protected] and I am happy to start the conversation with them about the joy AND doability of AWANA ministry!  

3)     Feel the welcome to come and grow with us here at Fort Langley Evangelical Free Church on Sunday mornings at 10am! J We love new kids and families for our Kids on the Rock Sunday School program.

Thank you for your understanding. God bless you with wonderful times of home based and alternate church based programming for your child(ren) this year. Again, REGISTRATION IS CLOSED and ALL IS managed via waitlist from now on.    

For those already signed on with us....

We are excited to restart the club year starting Thursday Sept 19 at 6:30pm. Our program for Cubbies will be the Appleseed program and for all Sparks and T&T the club theme elevated during council times each night will be A-Z Life with Jesus!

All communications about registration or the plans for the upcoming year or to express your own interest, Christian parents, in investing well in children by joining our volunteer team, are most welcome at [email protected]

Lovingly yours, Lindy, Children’s Ministries here at FLEFC