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FLEFC is necessarily on line for this season and with it our children's ministry (in scaled back, simplified form) as well.

Along with our on line worship and sermon messages, look on Sundays for a time on video recorded teaching for children and their families from me. 

Our series with perhaps questioning, anxious young hearts in mind is called ANCHOR POINTS FOR KIDS- short teachings and encouragements each week, with emphasis on kids actively seeking God, seeking Growth and seeking Good, not just despite but very much puposefully through our COVID-19 season! 

Lessons are simple, relational, biblical and will aim to be of connection to and support of kids during this unique time. Practical application ideas for kids and even the whole family will be shared- and feel free to share back with me how they are going!

Sunday March 22nd was a free resource link published teaching by Group Canada uploaded by Mary Ann Dance. It marked our first Anchor point for kids as TAKE COURAGE.

Sunday March 29th is my time of teaching on our second Anchor point for our Kids on the Rock: SEEK GOD OUR ROCK!

Included in this news post, you will find the following 4 things by way of resources as you are at home managing the COVID-19 season with your children:

1) An attached COVID-19 Support for Kids Parent Resource from my heart to yours

2) This handy link to copy and paste in your browser:  for daily on line audio and/or readable story devotionals for kids

3)  A youtube URL that connects you instantly to (my favorite kid min artist) one of Jana Alayra's 77 song kids' worship playlist songs for positive kids' praise to enjoy. The message is about Jesus as our sure, strong foundation and rock!  Googling Jana Alayra's personal playlist will get you right to youtube to enjoy the other 76 songs, too!  JUST SCROLL DOWN TO FIND.

4) If you are seeking an e-lesson in the form of a script to share with your kids or as a fully produced Sunday School published lesson, here's the link to what Group is putting out. Mary Ann's March 22 upload for you gives you an idea of what you can expect as week by week Empowering Courageous Kids from Group distributes a new video midweek for any and all to learn from and enjoy.

(If there are other links, articles, ideas YOU have, moms and dads, send them my way for potential upload here, too!!!)

I know our children's ministry volunteer team is behind the scenes offering up their prayers, perhaps sharing a phone call or note with you in the weeks ahead and some even sharing their ideas for me to present on line going forward.

Kids! Families! I have you in my heart, on my mind and in my prayers. God bless you, each one.  Not easy days, but He is absolutely still on the throne and right beside us, too.


Lindy with Children's Ministries

[email protected]