An Update about Pastor Lorin

An Update about Pastor Lorin

Dear Church Family:  

Below is a transcript of an announcement that was made during the service on November 12th, giving everyone an update on Pastor Lorin’s ongoing health challenges. 

The announcement follows:  

As a church family you are aware of the health struggles that Lorin has been going through.  There have been some changes that we want to share with you.  It is becoming increasingly difficult for Lorin to engage in regular life situations due to his health issues.  Medical advice has been received that some changes are necessary to deal with these things.  The Board met on Saturday November 4th and prayerfully discerned what steps should be taken - amended duties, leave etc.  We determined that in order to care for Lorin and hopefully ensure long term ministry partnership together, that Lorin should take a leave from his duties here at FLEFC. This means that Lorin will be on leave for the next three months, until early February.  

This is not Lorin's nor the Board’s first wish, but we are in agreement that it is a necessary step.  It is our prayerful hope that this medical leave will allow a time of focus which will be helpful in dealing with the health issues that Lorin is facing and enable him to return restored to full time ministry with us.  A step like this will clearly mean adjustments for us for a period of time.  This is another occasion when our church will reap the benefits of the pastoral team model of leadership that we have embraced.  Lorin and the board are completely confident in Pastors Jon and Jason and the rest of the staff team, along with other church leaders and we fully anticipate continuing to move forward in the things that God has been doing among us over the last months.  During this medical leave it is important that we as a church family are aware of several things:       

1.   We ask that all communication to Lorin go through the church office

2.   Although Lorin may be available to assist in emergencies, we would still ask that any requests be made through the church office

3.   We ask that you pray regularly for him  

Clearly this will be a time of fluidity and adjustment.  We are still working out the details of how things will function.  However it ends up, we feel strongly that this is not a time for us to stop seeking God or allowing him to work in and through us, but rather is a time to push into that.  Please feel free to contact Craig Murdoch, chairman of the board, with any questions.  God has built a wonderful church family here at FLEFC, let’s walk together well through this time.  

Craig Murdoch 
Board Chair