Although we will not be meeting as a group in an effort to stop the spread of Covid-19, we will still be virtually participating in activities throughout these weeks ahead! To stay in touch on our email list or to find out more information, email [email protected]

What We Do

Fort Langley Youth welcomes you to come be a part of a group of teens from grades 7 - 12 (also split throughout the night between Jr. high and Sr. high) who seek to get to know Jesus better and to develop a sense of community. We meet on Friday nights from 7:00 - 9:15 PM.  The nights are filled with fun activities, a heart for social justice at home and abroad, and creating an inclusive and safe gathering place. We strive to connect, learn, and grow in our faith. We do this by making intergenerational connections, by spending time uplifting each other in prayer, and by looking at God's word and its practical applications and implications for our lives. If you're interested in joining, swing by any night! And feel free to e-mail or phone the office (604-888-7131) if you have any questions about us! Be sure to follow @flefcyouth on Instagram for updates, photos and more!

What We Value

Developing ever-deeper relationships with God and each other

Reading and applying the Bible well in our lives

Engaging each other and our community in ways that share the love that Christ has shown us