"Young Adult" is a broad phrase that includes everyone who has graduated high school up to 30ish years old.  In all reality, it's more a state of mind than an age. 

Our main focus is life groups, and we would love to get you connected to a group.

The best way for you to stay up to date with what's happening is through one of three ways:

  1. You can sign up for this email here!
  2. Check out our instagram account @fortyoungadults.
  3. We do our best to be included in our church announcements. There is a lot to share on Sunday mornings, so our email and instagram are the most reliable options.
Life Groups
Seeking God, Growth, and Good in community

Our main focus is Life Groups! Our goal is to have different groups, meeting on different days, in different intervals. If you're interested in joining a life group, fill out this form or contact Pastor Erwin for more info (erwin@flefc.org or (604)888-7131).

Join us for Monthly Lunches
After Service on the 1st Sunday of the month!

Every month we get together for our an opportunity to connect, share a meal, and bring all Young Adults together. We typically do this on the first Sunday of the month. Check our instagram or email for more information!

Monthly Events

Throughout the year we regularly get together for different types of events. These events are great ways to be introduced to other Young Adults that attend FLEFC. Our fall events include:

  • Halloween Trivia Night (October 31st - Registration required)
  • Board Games (November 21st)
  • Christmas Party (December)

For more information check our instagram page!