"Young Adult" is a broad phrase that includes everyone who has graduated high school up to 30ish years old.  In all reality, it's more a state of mind than an age. 

In this season, we're going to be trying exploring different options of meeting as a group. This will be the one of the best places to get your most up to date information on what we're doing, how it's happening, and where it's taking place. 

FLEFC Facebook Page: Another way to stay up to date is our Facebook PAGE. We're bringing it back to try to try and keep you posted on all that's happening! Check the facebook page out here.

We gather regularly on Tuesday nights at 7:00 for fun, food and fellowship.  If you're interested, please e-mail Pastor Erwin or you can also head over to the Facebook Page for week-to-week information on what's happening.

Board Game Social
September 20th, 1-4pm, in the Upper Room!

Join us on September 20th for a time to hang out and play board games together! We're excited to reconnect with you again to start this year and this is a great opportunity to do that. Feel free to bring your favourite game! Snacks and drinks will be provided. 

Register HERE!

Young Adults Service
September 27th @10am

We're exploring options on how to get together! We invite you to join us as we watch the service and engage in discussion based on the sermon. We will provide coffee and light snacks, it is church after all!