Not sure what AWANA is?  Simply put, it's the most fun and spiritually impacting kids' midweek program we know of and we at this church L O V E to lead it!  It is a vehicle to drive our church's value of relational discipleship ministry to our kids and outreach to their invited friends. Each Thursday evening 6:30-8:15 our AWANA kids club delivers on the following:

* elevating God's Word among kids,

*challenging them to memorize it,

*offering opportunities for energy out team games

*providing fun structures for team points, rewards and incentives

* and through all this, developing great bonding with leaders and friendships with peers.

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We run Cubbies for 3-4 years olds, Sparks for K-grade 2 and T & T for our grades 3-6s.

Our first night of the club year is set for Sept 19th at 6:30pm. We open step one of 2019-20 AWANA club ON LINE registration starting Tuesday August 27 at 9am!  No registration before this time and date will be accepted except for the registrations of our FLEFC church families which opens one day early on Monday August 26 also at 9am.

Our ever in demand Cubbies program will as always, please understand, be especially limited in  enrollment numbers to ensure quality Thursday evenings for the little ones and their leaders. While Cubbies is a wonderful PreK program, it is truthfully not for all.

******Please note that parents needs to be able to give a clear and unhesitant yes to each and all of the following questions to help discern if Cubbies is right for their young child:

* Is our child able to separate well in caregiving situations?

* Is our child out of diapers and generally potty trained?

* Is our child able to handle a later to bed evening without becoming unreasonably over tired (Cubbies dismisses at 8:05pm each Thursday evening)

Of course, we at FLEFC love to serve and serve alongside those who may fellowship at other area churches. We are always open to new volunteers who would like to have as Bible coaches and mentors for our ever growing number of clubbers.  Be in touch if you can forsee yourself involved as a volunteer for this important ministry to children.

Qs?  Ask [email protected]

God bless! Lindy