Our Wonderful Kids!

We are excited to have over 80 kids registered in AWANA this year! Awana registration is officially closed for 2016-17. 

Now sure what AWANA is?  Simply put, it's the most fun and spiritually impacting kids'  midweek program we know of and we at this church L O V E to lead it!  It is a vehicle to drive our church's value of relational discipleship ministry to our kids and outreach to their invited friends. Each Thursday evening 6:30-8:15 our AWANA kids club delivers on the following:

* elevating God's Word among kids,

*challenging them to memorize it,

*offering opportunities for energy out team games

*providing fun structures for team points, rewards and incentives

* and through all this, developing great bonding with leaders and friendships with peers.

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We run Cubbies for 3-4 years olds, Sparks for K-grade 2 and T & T for our grades 3-6s.

We are always open to new volunteers who would like to serve as Bible coaches and mentors for our ever growing number of clubbers.

Qs?  Ask [email protected]  

God bless! Lindy