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Our SUMMER SEEKING opportunities are ways of Seeking God, Seeking Growth and Seeking Good, organically, and intentionally! We are feeling the effects of not gathering,  and with any summer comes some slowing down of scheduled programs and activities. So we're encouraging you to make the most of a summer seeking opportunity by looking for someone else to do one anothering with.

LetterS from Lockdown (downloable below) is a Bible reading plan that supplements our A Letter From Lockdown Series in Philippians. Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians were all written by Paul when he was on house arrest. How does that shape the way we receive God's word penned from lockdown?

Daily questions follow a simple pattern that will let you take in deeply what God is saying through the day's reading. At the end of every two chapters, you get a highlight day to reflect on the last couple of chapters you've read. What stood out? What is lingering? Why is it lingering? 

For One Anothering: 
Find someone else who will commit to doing the reading. One of the daily questions is: What is something from this reading that I will share with someone else?  Don't limit it to a one anothering partner or one anothering group. But consider some of these ideas:

- send each other a quick text or email every day (you could take turns) sharing a line or two of what the reading spoke to you, or how you want to apply it.

- share prayer requests that come out of the reading and out of life 

- get together on or around each of the highlight days, in person or online, to share what Seeking God, Growth and Good is looking like in light of your Bible reading.


Readings will take a couple minutes a day. Plus time to reflect on some transfortmative questions. Imagine what God could do in us through friendships or family relaitonships that start to center more on the reading and sharing of God's word over this summer?