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Our Congregational Meeting is all set to take place on Monday, May 31st at 7pm via ZOOM. If Zoom is a challenge please contact the office and we can arrange to have you come in person. If you are a member please make this a priority as we need a quorum, and for those who are not members, but call this church home, we really would like you to come as well.

Please register in advance if you're a member so we can have your email address ready to send you a link for voting during the meeting! 

If you have any problems registering, please contact the office at 604-888-7131 and we will be happy to do it for you.




Ahead of our Congregational Meeting on May 31 (7PM), we are building up our various ministry teams. This involves new leadership on some teams, adding members to different teams, & establishing new teams. These teams are a way of living out our call to:
   Seek God with all heart, soul, mind and strength
   Seek growth into conformity and closeness with Christ by the Holy Spirit
   Seek good for our neighbours through service and the gospel

With the hope that we can gather again soon, strengthening these areas of serving and leadership will poise us for thriving and growth.

If you are interested in involvement on a team, or think you know someone who is a good fit for any of them, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we will be happy to follow up with you!

Our Benevolent Team provides care for people and support for needs in our community and church. This care and support includes:
   - Provision for requests of financial and physical needs that come into the church
   - Preparation & provision of bags of groceries for walk-in requests
   - Grief care and support
   - Preparations of meals or snacks for Memorial Services hosted by FLEFC
   - Annual care packages for young adults
   - Annual meals for our seniors
   - Aid for those needing counseling

We are exploring the restart of a Discipleship Team at FLEFC. The purpose of this team is to help implement ideas that empower and equip the FLEFC family to seek God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength, seek growth into closeness and conformity with Christ by the Holy Spirit, and seek good for our neighbours through service and the gospel.

Forming one-anothering opportunities (Life Groups or Triads) will be an essential vehicle for personal and inter-personal discipleship. We want this to be a primary area of focus for the discipleship team.
Other past examples of discipleship initiatives include hosting workshops and conferences, bringing in speakers, and/or partnering with other discipleship opportunities around us.

The Fellowship Team’s purpose is to provide opportunities for meaningful connections and growing relationships within the FLEFC family. This has included things like Café Connect after the service, potlucks, and Guess Who’s Coming to Lunch - an event which partners mystery guests and hosts for the purpose of meeting new people and getting to know others better.

You can reach out to the fellowship team if you have a heart for strengthening connections and relationships within the church, like organizing/facilitating events, or like to serve practically for fellowship events through food prep, baking and set-up and clean-up.

The Mission Team’s Mandate is to:
(1) Support local and foreign missionaries.
(2) To cultivate in the FLEFC family a growth in awareness, passion and involvement in missions.

If you have an interest in missions, if you desire to be part of the discussion of FLEFC’s global impact, or if you have a heart to pray for and encourage those doing gospel work at home or abroad, you can contact us about joining the Missions Team.

This version of an Outreach Team would be a new team concept for our church. The focus will specifically be on facilitation of local outreach and gospel-sharing opportunities, and empowerment of the FLEFC family for outreach in their neighbourhoods and community. The Outreach Team’s will include event-and-opportunity planning, liaising with neighbouring organizations , & equipping/commissioning the FLEFC family for Outreach in their existing spheres of life and influence.