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"...their delight is in (God's word), and on His law they meditate day and night." Psalm 1:2
Does this describe you?
Do you want it to?
Take the opportunity to grow in your love for God and His word.

The reading plan is attached below.
Find someone else to Keep up with.

One of the daily questions from the reading plan is: What is something from this reading that I will share with someone else?  

Some one-anothering ideas:
- send each other a quick text or email every day (you could take turns) sharing a line or two of what the reading spoke to you, or how you want to apply it.

- share prayer requests that come out of the reading and out of life 

- get together on or around each of the highlight days, in person or online, to share what Seeking God, Growth and Good is looking like in light of your Bible reading.