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Series: Philippians: A Letter from Lockdown

    Message:  Philippians 1:27-29

    Speaker: John Auxier

    Announcement: Stay tuned in after the message for an update on our pastoral search.

Discussion Questions:

God wants us to become undeterred and passionate seekers. 

When the Bible talks about seeking, it paints a powerful and vibrant picture of our relationship with God characterized by:           
    - Activity: Seeking is active. It’s something you do.           
    - Expectancy: You seek with the hope and expectation of finding           
    - Desire: Biblical seeking reflects a want and desire for the object of that seeking             
    - Dependence: seeking acknowledges only our part of “the equation”   
           Seeking is only our response in the bigger picture of God's work and grace.

1) In what ways does this describe your relationship with God and your pursuit of him?
    In what ways do you long to grow as a seeker?

2) "Live in a manner worthy of the Gospel": Seeking God, Seeking Growth and Seeking Good

i- What does Philippians 1:27-30 show us about seeking God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength?
ii- In what ways does this passage give us a vision for seeking growth into closeness and conformity with Christ, by the Holy Spirit?
iii- How do these verses shape us seeking good for our neighbours through good works and the gospel

Anchor Point for Kids:


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This month, we are encouraging you to continue with the Reach Out FLAG initiative for the duration of this COVID season. In addition to checking in with others, let us be intentional in our prayer. 

This FLAG initiative is inspired by Philippians 1:8-11!
Intercessory prayer is one place where our heart for God and heart for others meet in a wonderful way. It's humbling to know that someone is praying for you, and it can be a huge encouragement to know what they are praying for you. Write-and-Send your prayer for someone to them by mail, email, text, WhatsApp or other social media! 


This is a season for us to take care of one another and our community. May we grow and flourish in what it means to do "one anothering" well at this time, and may this include a growing comfort to reach out to one another in our time of need so we can love, serve, encourage, and otherwise care for one another.  If you are not sure where to start, or who to talk to contact us through [email protected]



In this season of drastic changes, the church continues to live out God's mission for us. We are finding and taking incredible opportunities to Seek God, Seek Growth and Seek Good for our neighbours. We ask you to prayerfully consider what faithful giving and worshipful stewardship look like in this season!