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Our FLAG Initiative for this season is REACH OUT. Call one person and message one person each day. Not just the same person. Use this time to get to know some people better. Ask God to bring to mind someone who may need your effort to care! Pray with people over the phone. Send them a verse. Check in with a senior or someone who cannot get out- see if you can bring a meal over, pick up groceries or a subscription for them. Reach out to the lonely.   Photos and videos are cropping up on social media of people showing up to the yards of seniors, family and other friends and talking on the phone to each other on opposite sides of a window! Get creative.

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This is a season for us to take care of one another and our community. May we grow and flourish in what it means to do "one anothering" well at this time, and may this include a growing comfort to reach out to one another in our time of need so we can love, serve, encourage, and otherwise care for one another.  If you are not sure where to start, or who to talk to contact us through [email protected]

With the cancelation of our gatherings, some have asked about how to give their tithes and offerings. 
Offering can be dropped off at the church building. (Call first to make sure somone is in the office.) 
Or you can give online: CLICK HERE TO GIVE ONLINE

For lent, think about something you can turn away from (fasting) in order to turn your attention on Christ and Him crucified (focus.) This could be a meal, tv, social media or other media. It can be a part of your day or part of you week. If you haven't tried anything yet, start now!

"Take Care"
John 19:25-27 (Jesus' Fourth Word from the Cross)
      Other Passages to have ready: Matthew 10:35-37, Matthew 12:46-50, 1 Timothy 5:1-2

Questions for Discussion and Response

Seeking God: What you believe God wants to reveal to you about himself through Jesus's interaction with Mary and John in John 19:25-27?

2) Seeking Growth:  In what ways could the Holy Spirit work in us through this passage help to us to become closer with Jesus and become more like him?

3) Seeking Good: How is the gospel reflected for one other and our other neighbours in John 19:25-27? How does this passage give direction to the good works we can practice with each other and/or our other neighbours?  

KIDS ON THE ROCK (Parents: watch and discuss with your children!)
Kids are feeling a lot of emotions right now. At first maybe they were a little excited to be on an extended break from school. But now the boredom, the anxiety, the fear, the loneliness, and so many other emotions are setting in.  

Empowering Courageous Kids: Explore How Jesus' Power Pulls Us Through, will encourage kids and their families--and turn negative emotions into ones of empowerment and thankfulness.