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Sermon on the Mount: The Way of Jesus
This week: 
The Right Kind of Salty
Passage: Matthew 5:13
 Pastor Jason 


BIG IDEA: When we follow God’s way it sets us apart.  
How might following God’s way look different from what other people at school are doing? How about on sports teams? When you’re hanging out with your friends? • Is following God’s way always easy? 
A man named Noah follows God’s way in today’s story. Noah listens to God and knows that God’s way is best. This sets Noah apart from other people.

Look up in Genesis 6:9–22, 7:11– 12, 8:1–4, and 8:20–22 • Did anything from Noah’s story stand out to you? If so, what was it? • How did Noah follow God’s way? • In what way was Noah and his family set apart? • Do you think it was easy or difficult for Noah to do what God asked? Why? 
Key Verse: “God, see what is in my heart. Know what is there. Test me. Know what I’m thinking. See if there’s anything in my life you don’t like. Help me live in the way that is always right.” Psalm 139:23–24, NIRV

Are there times in your life when you’d like help following God’s way, or just to know that he’s with you? Who could you talk to about this?

Pray, “Thank you, God, for showing me that even though your way is often different from my way, it is always better. Please teach me how to listen to you, just like Noah did, and to follow your lead in my life. Help each of me when it’s not easy to follow you! Help me to know that you’re always with me. Amen.”

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