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Sermon on the Mount: The Way of Jesus
This week:
The Greatest Sermon Ever
Passage: Matthew 5 - 7
 Pastor Jason 


BIG IDEA God created us to live in peace.  

God created us to live in peace • What do you think living in peace means? • When have you experienced peace with other people? • When have you experienced a lack of peace? • How does living without peace feel?
Today’s story is a two-part picture of the world God created before and after humans chose to sin. God created us to live in peace, but humans chose their own way and one of the consequences was losing God’s peace.  We can have hope because this is not the end of the story! The good news is that God had a plan right from the beginning to restore peace, and that plan was Jesus. 

Look up in your bibles and read Genesis 1:26–31 and 6:5–8 (Answers below)
• Does anything stand out to you about God’s creation of people in Genesis 1? 
1) How did God take care of the first people?  
2) What instructions did God give them?
3) Was there peace in the world God created? 

When the first people chose not to listen to God, sin was introduced into the world. We can read about the consequences of sin in the lives of the people who lived after Adam and Eve. 

Review the Genesis 6 passage and discuss: 
4) What happened to all the people on earth?
5)How did God feel about human wickedness?
6) Who found favour with God? 
7) Was there peace in the world once sin entered it? 
8) When people lost peace because of sin, the animals and the plants lost peace too. What are some ways we can see this lack of peace in the animal and plant worlds? 

When God restores creation, he will give peace not only to people, but to plants and animals too! That is great news because God created us to live in peace. 
The world is waiting for God’s peace to be restored to all of creation, Christ followers have the amazing privilege of having peace right now! Before Jesus returned to heaven he said, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid” (John 14:27, NIV). This means that when we tell Jesus about the challenging situations in our lives and ask him for peace, he will help us.

Pray, “Jesus, please help me to have your peace when I struggle. Thank you God for loving me and for your peace in my life, Amen."

1) He provided everything they needed
2) He told them to multiply—have babies!—and to take care of the all the creatures on the earth
3) Yes
4) They became completely wicked
5) It broke his heart
6) Noah
7) No
8) e.g., predators and prey, habitat destruction, pollution, poisonous weeds, etc.

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