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Psalms Reading Plan | Click here for our "Like a Tree" Reading Plan 

Series: The Psalms | Seekers and Strugglers
This week: A Psalm On The Run
Passage: Psalm 3
Speaker: Pastor Jason

Passages to read together: Psalm 3, Ephesians 2:8, 1 Cor 1:18, Romans 13:11

Seeking God:
What does God tell us about Himself in this reading?
Seeking Growth:
What does this reading tell us about people (ourselves and/or others)?                                
What is something I can take from this reading and live out today? 
Seeking Good:           
What is something from this reading that I will share with someone else? 


1) Psalm 3:1-2 "
There is no salvation for him in God."
This is actually a common message around us today that takes all sorts of different forms:
God is a crutch/imaginary friend...                              
The world is too broken for there to be a good God... 
We’re all good enough and we’ll all be fine...  
Escape, Indulgence, financial security, the American Dream etc... will give you everything you need...
If you were saved, you wouldn't sin...          
You struggle and dount, so you;re not saved...              
In what ways have you seen this message or wrestled with it? 

2) Psalm 3:3-4: Salvation stories
David responds to the claim against God's salvation for David by recalling God's past and ongoing stories of salvation in his life. God has been his shield, the lifter of his head, and the one who answers David's pleas.

i) Talk about the difference between having "a salvation story" (testimony), or having "salvation stories."
ii) Share salvation stories with each other. Testimonies of God's care, guidance and protection in your life 

3) Olivier's Example: Olivier is a young man whose experience of God's salvation in his own life has led to a deep longing for others to experience the salvation they need. 
i) Is it fair to say that all of us who have experienced God's salvation should have a similarly deep longing for others to experience it too? 
ii) What stops us from having this deep longing, and/or what stops us from praying, seeking and acting out of such a longing?   

FLAG Initiative: 

Set aside a bill of money and stay in prayerful openness to how God might want you to use it: to display the Kingdom and present the King...
Click here for more info!

Sundays 2020 for Kids - Today October 18th, 2020


WEEK 4: Paul and Silas 

Big Idea: Following Jesus is an all-day everyday commitment.

What is a commitment? (being dedicated to someone or something)

Is there anything you’re committed to doing every single day?

Are there any fun or exciting activities you’d do every single day if you could? What are they?

Are you committed to anything that’s hard sometimes, but you do it anyway? What makes that activity worth it?

Watch this week’s video:


In today’s God Story, the apostle Paul and his friend Silas show their commitment to Jesus through a very tough situation. As a result of their commitment, even more people decide to follow Jesus!

Look up in your bible about Paul and Silas in Acts 16:16-34.
Who did Paul and Silas meet on the way to the House of Prayer in verse 16? (a slave girl who could tell the future)

Why did her owners get angry at Paul? (they couldn’t make money from her fortune telling anymore after he commanded the bad spirit to come out of her)

What happened to Paul and Silas as a result (see verses 22-23)? (they were beaten and put into prison)

What were Paul and Silas doing in prison that night? (praying and singing hymns to God)

What amazing event happened next in the prison? (there was an earthquake, the doors opened, and their chains fell off)

Did Paul and Silas run away? (no)

Who decided to follow Jesus because of Paul and Silas’s commitment—even in prison (see verses 31-34)? (the jailer and his whole household)

Did anything in this story surprise you?

What would you have done if you were in the prison with Paul and Silas?

Pray, “Thank you, Jesus, for loving us each so much, and for sticking with us no matter what. Please teach us how to be committed to you—when it’s easy and when it’s more challenging. We love you! Amen.”

Have a great week!

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