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Psalms Reading Plan | Click here for our "Like a Tree" Reading Plan 

 Seekers and Strugglers (The Psalms)
This week: Our God ... Our Master 
Passage: Psalm VIII
Speaker: Lorin Bergen

Passages to read: Psalm 8, 1 Corinthians 1:27

The psalms were the hymnbook of the Hebrew people. The Psalms were used for worship. 

David begins to psalm in worship by saying "LORD, our lord." Lorin explains how that is another way of saying "YAHWEH, our lord" or "God, our master."

  • Names are significant. Your name may have special meaning within your family or to your parents. Your children's names may have a special meaning to you. Take a moment and share/reflect on the significance of the names of the people around you.
  • Sometimes there are certain names of God that we hold fast to through a season. Are there names you've attributed to God that are extra meaningful to you? 

Many of us are struggling, with the situations in our lives as a result of COVID, with the financial strains we feel, or the loneliness from social isolation. We feel weak and we struggle. We feel the fight to stay strong. Lorin challenged us to embrace and accept our weakness and our struggle, and to lean on God our master.

  • In what areas do you need to lean on God more through your weakness and struggle?

David takes a moment to reflect on God's awesomeness, a moment of feeling overwhelmed by God.

  • Have you had a similar experience? Share about this type of experience you've had, where  you've been in awe with creation and with the God who has the power to create it.

Lorin described two contrasting views:

  1. The first one being that we are animals with no purpose, and
  2. The second one being that we are created a little lower than God himself and given glory. 
  • How does holding to the second one, that we are created a little lower than God himself, change the way you see yourself and others?

Our goal is seeking to understand what the psalm says, and seeking to understand what difference the psalm makes in my life today.

  • How has this psalm made a difference in your life today?

As you pray for one another, take a moment to worship our God and our Master together.


FLAG Initiative: 

Set aside a bill of money and stay in prayerful openness to how God might want you to use it: to display the Kingdom and present the King...
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Sundays 2020 for Kids - Today November 22nd, 2020

Genesis | TRUST 
WEEK 4: Isaac Is Born
Big Idea: We can trust God to keep his promises. God never forgets and always does what he says he will do!
In today’s story, God comes through on his amazing promise to Sarah, that she would have a baby even though she and Abraham were both very, very old (see Genesis 17:17-19).
Look up in your bibles and read about Isaac’s birth in Genesis 21:1-7.
  • What does verse 1 say the Lord did?
  • When was God’s promise fulfilled? (at the exact time God said it would)
  • How old was Abraham when Isaac was born? (100 years old)
  • In verse 6, what did Sarah say God had brought her?
Isaac was just the beginning of something bigger God was doing through Abraham’s family.
Review the Key Verses for this series: “I will make you into a great nation. And I will bless you. I will make your name great...All nations on earth will be blessed because of you.” | Genesis 12:2-3 (NIRV)
The story of Isaac’s birth connects with God’s plan to bless all nations through this family. Look up and skim through the lineage of Jesus from Matthew 1:2-16.
  • Who are the first two people mentioned in this family record? (Abraham and Isaac)
  • Who’s the last person mentioned? (Jesus)
  • What is Jesus called in verse 16? (Messiah or Saviour)
God’s promise to Abraham about Isaac’s birth was the beginning of a massive family: the Hebrew people. God blessed the whole world when Jesus was born into this very same family!
Pray, “Thank you, God, that you keep all of your promises to us. We are so thankful that you sent Jesus to save us, love us, and show us how to live. We love you! Amen.”
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