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Psalms Reading Plan | Click here for our "Like a Tree" Reading Plan 

Seekers and Strugglers
This week: The Just Judge
Passage: Psalm 7
Speaker: Pastor Erwin

Passages to read:
Psalm 7, Matthew 7:1-6

David was being misjudged by others:

  • What is your response when people misjudge you, when people limit you, make assumptions about you, or appear to have a bias against you? 

In response to being misjudged, David looks inward and judges himself:

  • In Matthew 7:1-6, Jesus said that we need to take the log out of our own eyes before judging someone for the speck in theirs. Are there times you have fallen short of instruction here?
  • If you were to honestly reflect and look and assess yourself as David did, if you were to analyze the log in your own eye what might that log be?

David acknowledges God as the just judge, and gives himself and his enemies over to God's judgement:

  • Have you been tempted to take justice and judgement of othres into your own hands?
  • Why are we better off when we learn to give the judgment of others over to God? Or rather, when we recornize that the judgement is God's to give?

David ends his psalm with praising God. Regardless of what God decides, David will praise him. How will you praise God today, regardless of what He decides to do in the situations you face?



FLAG Initiative: 

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Sundays 2020 for Kids - Today November 15th, 2020

WEEK 3: God Speaks to Abraham and Sarah
Big Idea: We can trust God even when it seems ridiculous.
In today’s story, God confirms his promise to Abram, some cool new names are revealed, and Abram’s wife thinks God’s plan is so ridiculous, she laughs!
Look up in your bibles and read about Abraham and Sarah in Genesis 17:1-8.
  • What is the new name God gives to Abram in verse 5 and what does it mean? (Abraham means “Father of many”)
  • Which promises to Abraham does God confirm in verses 4-8?
Read Genesis 18:1-15.
What promise does God give to Sarah and Abraham in verse 10?
In verse 12, why does Sarah laugh? (it seems ridiculous that people who were so old could have a baby)
How does God respond to her in verse 14?
Does anything from this story surprise you? If so, what is it?
As we grow closer to God and get to know his heart, it gets easier to trust him—even in situations that seem ridiculous.
What are some ways we can get closer to God? (praying, listening to or praising God, learning from the Bible, serving, giving, or spending time in God’s creation)
Pray, “Thank you, God, that I can always trust you, no matter what. I pray that you would help me to know you better, and especially to understand how much you love me. Amen.
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