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Kingdom Reversalist  
This week: 
Choosing Hunger  
 Matthew 5:6
Pastor Jason




BIG IDEA Prayer and fasting make a radical difference
The Apostles Fast and Pray

What is fasting?
It’s removing something from your life for a set time. It usually means taking a break from eating but people can also fast from things like watching TV or playing video games. People fast to focus on God and listen to what he wants them to do.
Today’s God Story is about some believers who fast and pray—then something radical happens!

1) What does the word “radical” mean again?

Look up in your bible: Acts 13:1–3 and read about the apostles fasting and praying.
2) What radical event took place as the men fasted and prayed?
3) What message did the Holy Spirit give them in verse 2?
4) What did they do after they received this message?
5) Who is the Holy Spirit?
Was it important for Saul and Barnabas to hear from the Holy Spirit before they started? Why or why not?

Look up Psalm 46:1–3,
6) What do these verses encourage us to do?
Do you find it easy to be still? Why or why not?

Fasting is one way we can be still and focus on God. This means taking a break from something that holds our attention.
Is there anything in your life that takes a lot of your attention, which you could take a one day break from? (e.g., phone, video games, etc.)

Remember that these things aren’t bad but taking a break from them can help our minds be still so we can hear more from the Holy Spirit. Prayer and fasting make a radical difference!

Pray, “Thank you, God, for teaching me how to listen to you better. I commit the things that I have chosen to fast from, to you. I ask you to help me! I want to hear from you, Holy Spirit. Amen.”

1) Means awesome and amazing.It can also mean something that has an impact so intense that it affects the very root of the thing.
2) The Holy Spirit spoke to them; verse 2
3) "Set apart Barnabas and Saul for me. I have appointed them to do special work" Acts 13:2 NIRV
4) Continued to fast and pray, then laid hands on Barnabas and Saul; verse 3
Remember: that laying hands on someone literally means to put your hand on them as you pray for them. In the New Testament, we read about Jesus laying his hands on people to heal them (see Luke 4:40) and the disciples laying hands on believers so they would receive the Holy Spirit (see Acts 8:17).
5) Jesus’ presence living in us and helping us
6) Be still

Remember: being still can mean being physically still with our bodies or it can mean being mentally still (i.e., keeping our minds focused on God).

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