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Kingdom Reversalist  
This week: 
Make Good
 Matthew 5:9
Pastor Jason


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BIG IDEA Living for Jesus means living a different way.
James’s Letter  

Series Focus: When we call ourselves followers of Jesus, or Christians, we can't just say we follow Jesus, and not live like it. We must show it by how we live. Living for Jesus means living a different way, following in the way of Jesus as we understand it in Scripture, and as we work it through in community, the church, our  life, our words, and our actions must line-up with the label: Jesus-follower.

KEY VERSE : You are God’s chosen people. You are holy and dearly loved. So put on tender mercy and kindness as if they were your clothes. Don’t be proud. Be gentle and patient.  Colossians 3:12 (NIRV)  

This week’s Big Idea: Living for Jesus means living a different way.   Today’s God Story is from the book of James in the New Testament. Jesus’ brother James wrote the book. It is actually a letter to Jewish Christians. In it, James talks about how living for Jesus means living a different way. Listen carefully for ways that Jesus’ followers live differently.  

Look up in your bibles and read James 1:2–11. 
James teaches that we should have joy when we have troubles in life because problems test our faith and make us stronger.  

How is having joy when faced with problems a different way of living? 
James also teaches that we should ask God for wisdom.  How might God’s wisdom help us live differently from others who don’t know him? 
In God’s kingdom, poor people are honoured and wealthy people are humbled (or brought low). How is this way different from how the world usually works? 
Think about ways that a Jesus-centred life might look different at school, at home, and in other activities. For example, how does following Jesus change the way we treat others while playing sports? How does following Jesus change the way we act when we see someone bullied at school? Think about one way you feel challenged to live differently because of Jesus. Is it easy to live for Jesus in a different way than the people around us live? Why or why not? 

Remember: that we can always ask Jesus for the help we need to live for him!

Pray, “Thank you, Jesus, that you show me what it means to live in a different way. I ask for your help when being loving is difficult. Amen.” 

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