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Gospel Hearts | Gospel Minds
This week:  
The Gospel in Person
Colossians 1:15-20 | 1 Corinthians 15:1-8
Bill Taylor

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BIG IDEA: We don’t need to worry. God’s got it.
Do Not Worry
We’ll be talking about worrying and hearing what Jesus has to say about it. What are some things that cause people to worry? Big Idea: We don’t need to worry. God’s got it. 

In today’s God Story, Jesus talks about some common worries that people experience. Jesus explains that we don’t have to worry because God loves to take care of us. That’s great news!

Look up in your bibles, Luke 12:22–32 and read about Jesus teaching his disciples not to worry.
(Answers below)

1) What are some things that many people worry about, according to Jesus?

2) Why don’t birds worry about where their food will come from?

3) Do flowers worry about being beautifully dressed? 

 4) Who does God care for even more than the birds and flowers? 

5) What are some ways that you can see and feel God’s care for you? 

Look up and read Philippians 4:19. 

6) Which of our needs does this verse say God will provide for? 

7) When worries creep up—about food, clothes, or anything else—what could we do?

Is there anything you find yourself worrying about often? 

Pray, “Thank you, Jesus, that I can bring all of my worries to you and you know just what I need. Thank you for your amazing care for me! Please teach me to rely on you for everything! I love you. Amen.” 


1) Their everyday lives, what they will eat, and what they will wear 

2)  God feeds them, verse 24 

3) No, verse 28 

4) God cares more for you and me, verses 24 and 28 

5) Varied response 

6) God will supply ALL of our needs!

7)  Eg., pray, share our worries with a trusted friend or family member