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Spiritual Disciplines: For Everyday People
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 Seekers and Strugglers: The Psalms
This week: Messy for Clean's Sake       
Passage: Psalm 15
Speaker: Pastor Jason

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Luke | Son of God
Jesus Calls His first disciples
Big Idea | Jesus invited others to learn from him

• What’s one thing you’re really good at and could teach someone else? • What’s one thing you know how to do but you’d like to learn to do better? • What’s one thing you’ve never tried and would like to learn how to do? • Who’s been your best teacher? What made them so great?• What’s one thing you have learned from Jesus?
Jesus invited others to learn from him. He is the BEST teacher!
In today’s story Jesus finds a creative way to teach a big crowd of people. Listen carefully to find out what Jesus does!

Look up in your bibles and read about Jesus choosing some disciples in Luke 5:1-11.
• What did Jesus do so that he could teach the crowd? (got into a boat and taught from there; verse 3) • Who did the boat belong to? (Simon, who was later known as Peter; verse 3) • What did Jesus ask Simon to do afterward? (let down the fish nets; verse 4) • Why was it so amazing that the nets were full of fish? (the men had tried to catch fish all night but hadn’t caught a thing; verse 5) • What did Jesus tell Simon, James, and John that they would fish for now? (Jesus told the first disciples they would be fishing for people; verse 10)• What do you think Jesus meant by “fishing for people”? (Jesus was going to show his disciples how to lead other people to him.)

Key Verse: “We have come to believe and to know that you are the Holy One of God.” | John 6:69, NIV
When we believe and know that Jesus is the “Holy One of God” like this verse says, we are his disciples too!
• Have you ever thought of yourself as Jesus’ disciple? • What are some ways that we can come to Jesus and learn from him as his disciples? (e.g., reading the Bible, especially the Gospels; hanging out with people who love Jesus; talking and listening to God every day; following Jesus’ example by serving and loving others)

When we learn from Jesus, we can share what we know with other people! Do you have experiences sharing Jesus with others?

Pray, “Thank you, Jesus, that you are here with me, that I can learn from you, and that you love me. Please help me tell other people how much you love them! Amen.”

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