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Spiritual Disciplines: For Everyday People
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 Seekers and Strugglers: The Psalms
This week: Seeking Salvation        
Passage: Psalm 14
Speaker: Pastor Erwin

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Jesus in the Wilderness

Big Idea | Jesus lived a sinless life

What do you think it means to be tempted?(wanting to do something you shouldn’t do)

Let’s describe some tempting situations. Kids will rate their temptation level from 1 (not tempting) to 10 (very, very tempting!). Point out that we all find different things tempting, so they will probably have different answers. Read aloud the following scenarios, pausing after each one to prompt the kids to rate how much it tempts them: • You’re taking a tough test at school and you can see a friend’s answers. How tempting is it to peek? • You spot $10 on the floor at the mall. It’s just behind someone else, though. How tempting is it to keep the money instead of asking if they dropped it? • You’re not allowed any screen time until your homework is done, but your device is on the desk in your bedroom. How tempting is it to play for just a little while? • A friend lent you something and you damaged it. How tempting is it not to tell your friend and hope they don’t notice? • You were told to turn off the light when you finished reading a chapter of your book. How tempting is it to keep reading? • There’s a plate of cookies on the kitchen counter. You’re only allowed to have two. How tempting is it to sneak an extra cookie when no one is looking? Invite the kids to describe other tempting situations. Emphasize that we all face temptations. Jesus faced them, too. But Jesus never gave in!

In today’s God Story, Jesus faces temptations when he’s in the wilderness for a long time with nothing to eat! Listen carefully to find out how Jesus was tempted and what he did to resist it.

Look up in your bibles and read about Jesus being tempted in the wilderness in Luke 4:1-13. To review the story, read the following statements and ask the kids whether each one is true or false: • The Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness (true; verse 1) • Jesus was in the wilderness for 20 days (false—it was 40 days; verse 2) • During this time, Jesus felt very hungry (true; verse 2) • A strange man tempted Jesus (false—Satan tempted Jesus; verse 2) • Satan tempted Jesus to turn a stone into some cookies (false—a loaf of bread; verse 3) • Jesus replied to Satan’s temptations with what the Scriptures say (true; verses 4, 8, 12) • Satan told Jesus he could jump off a mountain and angels would save him (false—Satan told Jesus to jump off the Temple; verses 9-11) • Satan knew the Scriptures but used them in a tricky way (true; verses 10, 11) Jesus was so close to God the Father and understood the Scriptures so well, he knew how to fight temptations when they came.

What can we learn from Jesus about fighting temptations? Remember that Jesus lived a sinless life!

Have you ever been tempted and what happened? Jesus gives us the power to resist temptation. We just need to ask him for help! Jesus taught his followers how to pray and ask for help resisting temptation. We can say that prayer today! Look up and read the Lord’s Prayer from Matthew 6:8-13. 12. Which part of this prayer asks God to rescue us when we face temptation? (verse 13, NIRV: “Keep us from sinning when we are tempted. Save us from the evil one.”) We can pray this whenever we face temptation.

Jesus loves us, no matter what. Nothing we do can make him stop loving us!

Pray, “Thank you, Jesus, for showing me how to fight temptation, and that I can ask you for help any time. Thank you for loving me so much! Amen.”

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