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Title: Celebrating Destruction

Passage: 1 John 3:8

Series: God on the Ground: Advent 2021

Speaker: Pastor Jason

Why did Jesus come to earth? Or to put it another way- Why Christmas? 
How would you answer these questions? Would you think to include in your answer the idea of destruction?
Our God on the Ground series continues this week with celebrating destruction.

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Matthew / Get Up!
Week 1

BIG IDEA Jesus shows us God’s never-ending love.

GOD STORY God’s Love Endures Forever Jeremiah 31-33

In this series, kids will see how God spoke to the prophet Jeremiah and how he revealed to Jeremiah some cool things about the future Rescuer. Kids will see how those things came true at Jesus' birth. From Jeremiah to the story of Jesus' birth through the lens of Joseph, kids will discover that God shows us his never-ending love through Jesus

Discussion: read Jeremiah 31-33, watch this week’s video, then discuss:
1.    What stood out to you in today’s Life Story? 
2.    Who got the message in the God Story? (Jeremiah) 
3.    Who did he get the message from? (God!) 
4.    What does it mean that God’s love for us is never-ending? (It won’t ever stop, no matter what we do)
5.    What are some ways that you’ve experienced God’s love for you?
6.    Why do you think the Israelites didn’t want to listen to Jeremiah? (They liked doing their own thing; they didn’t like his message; they didn’t think they were doing anything wrong) 
7.    What do you do when people don’t listen to you? 
8.    How could you show God’s never-ending love to other people?

MEMORY VERSE “I have loved you with a love that lasts forever. I have kept on loving you with a kindness that never fails.” (Jeremiah 31:3b, NIRV)

PRAY : Pray together. Thank God for the many ways that he shows his never-ending love to us!