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Different expressions of church: We are thankful, that during the COVID-19 pandemic, our church family has discovered alternative ways to safely experience worship, community and spiritual growth. This reinforces that “church” is not a building, time of the week or service. Experiencing meaningful church community has come easier for some homes and contexts than in others during the pandemic. Because of this, we want to provide an opportunity for people to worship in community.

As part of the FLEFC family, you will have the opportunity to sign up to join us on one of those Sundays, if you want to. It will be an intentional and more casual setting. (Read more below.)

For those who prefer to continue with home church, do that with our full blessing! We are continuing to develop what we are doing for home church as well. (We thank you for your grace with us, as we know it hasn’t been without hiccups.)

What you can expect for our soft restart gatherings:

Advance sign-up allows us to set up the sanctuary in a distanced and “bubble friendly” way if you are coming with your household and to ensure we don’t exceed the maximum capacity.  Registration will be done online by following attached links on announcements (see link below)  We ask that you choose only one Sunday so that others may have the opportunity to come.  We recommend reserving a spot as early as possible.  Once we reach 50 people, you will no longer be able to reserve for that service.  Also due to setup time we will be closing registrations by 3pm Friday before each Sunday Service.  Please make sure to let us know if you are unable to attend so we may notify people who maybe on a wait list. 

Please Note: If you are already registered in "Planning Centre" the link should automatically take you to the registration page, if you don't already have a Planning Centre login, you will be asked to create one.  

Numbers will be limited to under 50

Social distancing is a way of loving neighbours and showing wisdom. Whatever your comfort levels with others and each other are in general, we will honor each other as a community by keeping a safe distance from anyone who’s not in our own household-bubbles. 

Masks are required upon entry and any time you are up from your seat. While you are in your seat, you can remove your mask. 

We will have a box where you can leave your offering

We will have communion each of these Sundays. We encourage people to bring their own elements for communion together. Although we will have some sanitized/bagged juice and crackers for those who haven’t brought their own. 

On Worship.  Two things:    

1) We are still researching this. We will have a worship team, but IF congregational singing happens for the soft restart, it will require the rest of us to wear a mask in order to sing.    

2) There are exciting worship opportunities to experience worship in fresh and meaningful ways. To listen to worship in stillness. To meditate on God’s truth expressed in the songs. To respond with prayer while you listen. To journal our thoughts and response. These opportunities will actually enrich the worship experience for you! 

Families with kids: We will have you and your kids join us in the service. Our time together will include a brief video message geared towards the kids toward the start of the service, and activities for them to do at their tables. Parent’s will be able to take kids out of the service into the gym if necessary, but we are also going to embrace a casual, family-friendly setting in the service, kid-noise and all. 

Volunteers:  If you are planning to sign up for one of those Sundays, and would be willing to serve with us, we are looking for help in the following areas: Greeters We are looking for someone each Sunday to give others a socially distanced but warm greeting! (Greeters will receive the list of people that have signed up in advance.)

Ushers: Ushers will be given a seating chart to know where to direct people at the start of the service. Ushers will also help with a socially distanced dismissal of people at the end of the service.

Sanitizing: It’ll take just 2-4 people to make light work of sanitizing chairs, tables, door handles and washrooms after the service. Directions will be provided for you in advance!   If you are interested in volunteering, please let us know which Sundays you are available for- you will only be asked to serve at one of them- and let us know what way you would live to serve with us! 

Volunteers:  While you are registering for a Sunday service and you are interested in volunteering you can also register for the above mentioned duties through the same link (provided below).  You will find all Sunday Sermons and Volunteer Duties separated by date as individual events.

If you have any problems registering online, please feel free to contact the church office.

Looking forward to these gatherings,
The FLEFC Staff