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Our Easter Service:
Exalting the Suffering and Risen Christ with communion, song, stories and sharing.





Jesus came to show us God's love and set up his kingdom. We see that in his life. We also see it in his death. In Jesus' death, we see an unassuming rescue. Jesus saves us from sin and death. He rescues us from a life of selfishness, loneliness, and sin to an eternal life with God. Jesus came to rescue the lost. To be a light in the darkness. He came to save us from sin, show us God's love, and set up his kingdom. We are forgiven. We are loved. We are rescued

BIG IDEA l Jesus rescued us
Which jobs involve people rescuing others? What do they rescue people from?

Today’s God Story is the climax of God’s rescue plan for all people. God’s promised Rescuer, Jesus, beats death and removes the barrier between God and people that sin caused! Listen carefully to find out how these amazing events unfolded on the first Easter morning.

Look up in your bibles and read Luke 24:1-34
1) Who were the first people to discover that Jesus was risen?
2) Who told the women that Jesus was risen?
3) Who didn’t believe the women?
4) On the road to Emmaus, what were the two men talking about that made them so sad?
5) Who did the two men meet?
6) Did they recognize Jesus?
7) What did Jesus explain to the men?
What stands out to you from this story? • What would you have asked Jesus?
8) What did you think of the 8 bit Bible part of the lesson?
9) How can this way of learning about the Bible help someone better understand?

Discuss: • What has the Son, Jesus, done? • What does this verse mean to you?
Pray, “Jesus, thank you for loving me so much, and for rescuing us so I can live forever with you! I love you. Amen.”



Firefighter, paramedic, lifeguard, ski patrol, forest ranger...
Fires, injury, drowning, accidents, getting lost...

1) Some women, see verse 10
2) Two angels
3) Jesus’ disciples
4) Jesus’ death
5) Jesus
6) No
7) The scriptures told how Jesus, the Messiah, had to suffer, die, and rise again to rescue us

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