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Church Together Again
A group of over forty gathered outdoors this beautiful Easter Sunday. We have received a lot of feedback of appreciation and impact from our time together. We have the opportunity to gather three more times in the coming few weeks, and the next two Sundays are calling for similar weather to this past Sunday.

What to expect:
Our Church Together gatherings are not meant to reproduce what we are doing online. Home Church will still be the primary place for worship and guides message from Scripture for us. Church Together will instead complement Home Church, by focusing on things that we cannot do with a video service: sharing together. Praying together.

Drawing from our home church messages and worship, we will provide questions to give people ideas and inspiration may want to share. But if you come with any story, verse or prayer on your heart, you have freedom to share that! We cannot sing together, but we will have some worship that we can listen to and pray to.

There will be a mic set up for people to share as invited. There may also be some opportunities for people to share and pray in (distanced) small groups.

Signing up for Church Together
Sign up links will be sent out weekly. We ask that those who attended the previous Sunday allow others to sign up first for the coming Sunday. If there are still spaces remaining by Friday, then those will be opened back up to those who attended the previous week. We are happy to have a second gathering on any Sunday that there us demand for it

(Note- Home Church services are usually posted Saturday night, which allows you take part in the online service early Sunday, if you want to do that before coming to Church Together gatherings.)

Honoring God, the leaders He has set in place, and our neighbours:
We continue to abide by governmental protocols, first out of obedience to God (Romans 13:1-7, 1 Peter 2:13-17), and secondly, as an ongoing expression of loving our neighbor, walking with wisdom, and being a positive Christian witness to our community. 
The sign-up link we send out each week will give you clarity on the expectations and protocols. If you are signing up family or friends with you, please ensure that they are familiar with the posted guidelines.
We hope you will consider joining us for Church Together in the coming weeks!

You can reach out to us with any questions – 604-888-7131 or [email protected]

To register for April 18th Church Together: Live Outdoor Gathering - Click Here!

To register for April 25th Church Together: Live Outdoor Gathering - Click Here!