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Our much loved midweek AWANA Bible learning children’s program will launch for year 12 here at FLEFC upcoming this September 19th! AT FLEFC children's ministries, we LOVE children, LOVE God and LOVE teaming together to bring children to Him.

We welcome our own church children, those from the community seeking faith based instruction for their children and those from other area churches.  We will again be serving preschoolers (ages 3-4) in our CUBBIES program, K-grade 2s in our SPARKS program and grades 3-6 in T&T (Truth & Training).  Club always meets Thursday evenings at 6:30pm starting mid September and, with Christmas and Spring Breaks, goes until the end of April 2020.  Cost is $95 per clubber in Sparks and T&T and $75 for each little Cubbie.

We run a full and large club, but spaces are necessarily limited. We needfully prioritize early registration for our own church children and then welcome all others on a first to register, first in basis.

Step One on line registration exclusively for our Fort Langley Evangelical Free Church families ONLY opens Monday Aug 26 at 9am onward.

Step One on line registration for EVERYONE opens Tuesday August 27 beginning at (but no sooner than) 9am. Please do not attempt to register earlier than this date and time. 

Conversely, please do not, if serious for a spot, delay into the subsequent days and weeks.  We expect to fill quickly as always.  Of course those whose children do not obtain a spot automatically go onto our waitlist and there is always a chance of a little movement possible from there. 

Again, FLEFC church families ONLY, please sign up on Monday August 26 and everyone else, yes, your date is Tuesday August 27!!! Anytime 9am or thereafter.

Thank you! God bless you? Questions about registration, club learnings, volunteer opportunities? I would love to answer them. 

Lindy with Children’s Ministries

[email protected]